Fiberglass Pools Remodeling, Resurfacing and repairs

Whether you are starting with a blank canvas, or wish to transform your current pool into a fiberglass, we are at your service.

We can help you design your new fiberglass pool and accompanying features, and have your own personal oasis ready for you and your family in a matter of weeks!

If your pool is in need of some love and updating, we are here to help. We can transform any pool, into a fiberglass one. After looking into all the benefits that fiberglass can offer, you will see why fiberglass is the best choice for any pool.


The Benefits of Fiberglass Pools are Numerous! Check It Out:

  • Low Maintenance: The gel coat surface of the fiberglass pool shell, is nonporous. This inhibits the growth of algae and reduces the amount of sanitizing chemicals required to maintain the pool.
  • Little or No Lifetime Cost: 99% of the time there is no money invested in the shell of fiberglass pools. There is no vinyl liner to replace and no resurfacing to be done.
  • Non-Abrasive Surface: The gel coat surface is smooth to the touch. This is especially beneficial if you have little ones, as you won’t have to worry about scraped skin.
  • Built-In Seats and Steps: Most fiberglass pool designs have seating, and they all have steps incorporated into the shell of the pool.
  • Manufactured in a Controlled Environment: Fiberglass pools are built in the controlled climate of a factory, which ensures precision and the highest quality.
  • Quick Installation: Because the shells of fiberglass pools are built off site, the installation occurs in a shorter time frame to get you family in the water sooner.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY!: When you choose a fiberglass pool, you are making a greener choice! Here’s why:
    • Fiberglass Pools have low embodied energy. Embodied energy is defined as, “the total energy required to produce a product from the raw materials through delivery”.
    • Fiberglass Pools are a great insulator against heat and cold. Fiberglass helps to conserve energy while reducing operating cost.
    • Fiberglass Pools are made from super durable materials with an indefinite life cycle. This eliminates replacement cost and expensive repairs. You won’t find fiberglass Pools going into a land fill like a broken out concrete structure.
    • Fiberglass Pools’ main ingredient is fiberglass which is made from sand that is an abundant resource.
    • Fiberglass Pools use less chlorine and other chemicals due to the inert smooth interior finish.
    • Fiberglass Pools do not emit chemicals into the pool water or the soil behind it.

If you strip away all of the things in ground pools have in common, like the deck and equipment, all you are left with is the vessel that holds the water. You want something that’s strong, durable and easy to maintain. Fiberglass is a superior vessel for holding water. It does not chip, tear or alter the water chemistry. We only want to provide you and your family with the best in quality, and that is exactly what you will find in our fiberglass pools!