Cool Weather Pool Care

Now that the weather is cool, the heat which encourages the proliferation of algae is no longer an issue for a while. But, cooler temperatures don’t mean the pool can be neglected, especially in the Phoenix area. Even now, we get calls from pool owners who are battling algae. Here are some considerations for pool care in colder weather:



Reminder: during a storm, shut the power off to the pool. Please remember to turn it back on afterward.

During winter rains, the water quality in your pool can be affected, not only by the lower pH of rainwater but also by the particulates (mainly bacteria and dirt) carried into the pool by the rain and wind.

If we have exceptionally heavy rain, the chemicals in the pool can become diluted by the additional water. When you go out to turn the power back on, check the basket and skim the leaves, make a point of testing the chlorine and pH of the water.

Also, sometimes people find toads in their pools after a heavy rain, usually after monsoons. Be careful handling these, as they can be poisonous, and don’t permit pets to play with them.

Water level

Many people have an autofill, which is great if it works. The temptation might be to ignore the pool in winter, but check the pool level and test the water periodically.


How often you should vacuum has some judgment required. It depends on many factors, including the quality of your pool cover, if you even have a pool cover, how much debris gets into the pool, if you have an automatic sweeper, and more. People who have a lot of trees (or a neighbor with one deciduous tree!) will need to vacuum more often. If you have trouble keeping the chemicals adjusted, one thing you can do is to hire a pool pro to take care of your pool in the off months. That way it won’t get neglected, even when you are busy or aren’t thinking about it.


Periodically review your chemicals and discard any old ones. Keep the others stored away from the elements, especially water, and especially away from children.

Pool heater

Many residents use a pool heater in the winter months so they can use their pool year round. There are solar heaters, gas heaters, and heat pumps to help keep your pool temperature comfortable.

Whether you choose to enjoy your pool in the winter months or not, keeping your pool clean will assure that it will be ready at the beginning of the swimming season. If you want to set up winter pool service or reapir, we would be happy to do that for you!

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