Host a Hot Tub Party!

Hosting a hot tub party is an especially delightful way to spend a winter day in Phoenix. It’s even more fun if you know what you’re doing and if guests know what to expect.

Before the party

A couple of days before the party, check the pH level of the hot tub and adjust it as needed. The day before, clean the filter and vacuum the tub. If the hot tub is the focal point of the party, make sure there is a second person to answer the door and guide guests or make signs to direct them through the gate if your hot tub is in the backyard.


You may decide to turn down the temperature in the tub if your guests are older people, who are more sensitive to heat.

Hot tub attire

Some hot tub parties involve bathing suits, and some don’t. Whatever you decide your dress code is going to be, notify your guests because those kinds of surprises are never fun. Springing a s like that on guests borders on creepy, so be upfront about it if there might be nudity involved.

Also, ask them to carefully rinse their bathing suits off before they get into the hot tub since many washers leave soap residue on clothes which can cause seafoam-like bubbles in your tub.

A Quick Rinse

If guests can rinse themselves off before they enter the tub, this will eliminate lotions, perfume, and other substances which can remain in the hot tub and act as a binding agent for dirt, causing it to cling to the sides of the tub.



The best foods to serve are those which don’t create trash such as carrot sticks, grapes, and berries. Snacks should be limited to non-crumbly, heat-and-moisture-friendly food. Chocolate, cheese, bread, drippy or greasy foods, chips, and other items which melt in heat or moisture can create a cleaning problem later. Also avoid napkins, paper doilies or toothpicks, which can get lost in the water.

Food can also be served out of the hot tub, which allows for a much larger variety of food and drinks. The essential thing is that your guests understand if you don’t want them to have snacks and non-water beverages in the hot tub. Clear expectations keep everyone on the same page.


Serve beverages in plastic or metal cups to those who are actually in or near the hot tub. Broken glass is an avoidable catastrophe, so save the glassware for festivities away from the area. The same holds true of alcoholic beverages, which can lead to bather dehydration.


Music is great, and can make your party more lively. If you have a small yard or very sound-sensitive neighbors, it’s best to keep the volume low enough that your lively party doesn’t include a visit from the local police due to a noise complaint.


Just in case someone accidentally spills a plateful of food or other solid debris in the tub, have the skimmer net on hand. so you can deal with it at the moment. Your guests can continue to relax and enjoy themselves because you, ever the gracious host, can deal with the effects of spills tomorrow.

After the party

The day after the party is an excellent time to check the filter for any debris. Check your chlorine and pH levels, and also see if there is any other damage such as a loose drain cover or foreign materials in the tub.

In the event of a significant amount of contamination, you may decide that draining the tub is your best option. If you need professional help with that or want us to take over the cleaning on a regular schedule, we can set that up for you. The important thing is that you get the best possible experiences out of your hot tub.

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