Pool Maintenance to Help Keep Your Family Safe


In our last blog, we promised we'd address a few things, including some ways to promote pool safety and other tips. These are all important, but there are other safety concerns which we can help you address. Proper pool maintenance can help keep you, your family, and your pool safe.

The heat is soon going to be beating us up here in the Phoenix area. Being the soaring temperatures, the longer daylight hours, and the additional debris from monsoon storms, summer is the busiest time of year for pool maintenance. Pool and spa owners have to be ever-diligent to keep their pool clean, and getting off to a good start will help.


Maintenance of a swimming pool requires the use of chemicals, some of them extremely hazardous. Improper exposure to these chemicals can result in long-term health injuries to a child or an adult.

Debris in the pool caused by monsoons.

Debris in the pool caused by monsoons.

Your pool uses a veritable arsenal of chemicals, many of which can produce toxic gas or even fire with improper mixing or usage. Never mix chemicals, and always read the instructions on how to safely use these if you are adding chemicals yourself. Keep them in tightly closed containers, out of the reach of children and pets. 

Electrical system

Since a pool’s filtration and pump system are electrical, it’s important for all of the components to be wired correctly and adequately insulated to prevent an accident. Outlets should always be GFCI type. Also, no one should ever be allowed to use an electrical device in the pool, most especially a cell phone charger. 

Main drain suction and vacuum ports

It is essential that the drain cover is Pool Safety Act compliant. Also, vacuum ports in your skimmer or the wall of your pool should also have a safety latch cover. These are incredibly easy to install.


Our monsoon weather often leaves some surprises in our pool. Often, we will find branches, furniture, or even building materials in the bottom of the pool following a monsoon.


Also, small animals such as rabbits or even a coyote can sometimes find their way into the pool or skimmer basket. If this happens, don’t allow anyone to go swimming. Safe removal includes the use of disposable gloves. According to the CDC, the animal should be completely wrapped, bagged in a trash bag and disposed of in the dumpster immediately.
After the removal, the pool should be cycled,  back washed and treated, and the net or other tools used in the removal should be thoroughly disinfected.

Keeping your pool clean will promote the safety of you and your family’s health.

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