The Pros and Cons of Buying a Hot Tub

The votes are in for buying a hot tub. The consensus for whether or not people should buy a hot tub is--



One of the things all current hot tub owners agree is that prospective buyers should do their research before they commit. With this in mind, we’re going to offer the basic pros and cons of hot tub ownership.


We have already discussed the health benefits of a hot tub. You can read about that here. The health benefits are numerous, and people who have never owned a hot tub are often surprised, since, as one owner put it, “I come out a different person than the man who went in.”

Older people also say a soak in the hot tub counterbalances some of the effects of age, such as arthritis pain and general stiffness.

Other hot tub owners say there is nothing like a hot tub under the stars to help them relax and put the cares of the day behind them. Couples and families report that being together in the hot tub gives them a chance to spend quality time together. One parent said that it was a great way to get her teenage children to relax and open up without interruptions about things going on in their lives.

Entertainment was another high value perceived by hot tub owners. Whether it was smaller parties with another couple or half the hockey team, some hot tub owners offered the chance to socialize as a significant plus.

Upgraded steps can make a world of difference.

Upgraded steps can make a world of difference.

On the plus side, a hot tub owner can control different aspects of the hot tub. Everything from being able to control the temperature to a choice of chemicals, since some individuals find chlorine ‘user unfriendly.’


The initial cost of a hot tub, including the fence legally required by the City of Phoenix, is going to need some substantial capital outlay, depending on the size of the hot tub.

Beyond that, many hot tub owners felt they should have made a point of more careful research into the possible amenities. One homeowner said the upgraded steps he purchased for his above-ground hot tub made a world of difference in his stability.

Higher energy and water bills, all of which will continue for the life of the hot tub. In fact, as time goes on, these may become substantially higher.

Another con is maintenance and repairs. Some hot tub owners didn’t realize the importance of weekly maintenance, including pH testing, adding chemicals such as chlorine or bromine, and cleaning the filter. Neglect of maintenance nearly always results in more problems. One shrewd hot tub owner bought two filters, so he could alternate them and thus have the assurance there would be a clean filter every week. 

Draining and refilling were also listed as a con, usually done quarterly, but individuals who were careful not to introduce contaminants claimed they could drain their hot tub less often.

Depending on what your situation is, you may be considering a hot tub for yourself, your family, or a social congregant. Each of these presents a different size and different challenges to explore fully before making a decision.

While some homeowners insist that their hot tub is the best investment they ever made in a ‘toy’ others say their hot tub as given them nothing but grief and headaches. You are the best person to decide for yourself-- you know your needs,  your budget, the amount of effort you’re willing to commit to long-term maintenance, (or, at least the commitment to having the maintenance done for you), and the feasibility of a hot tub making a significant impact on your quality of life. 

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