Your Pool in the Off-Season

As we put away the last inflatable raft and beach towel, it’s time to think about pool maintenance for the off-season. While it is true that lower temperatures and lack of occupants help keep the water clean and balanced, a winter pool still requires some attention and a mindful eye. It’s easy to become distracted and forget about it when you aren’t using it all the time.



The winter months are also the time to have any necessary repairs performed, especially if you’ve been putting them off. Not only can damaged pool components cost you money, for example, if you have a leak, but they can also prevent necessary maintenance, for example if the pump isn’t working correctly.

Watch your hardware

Your filter, pump, and other hardware components such as a heater need to be checked during the off season to make sure they’re working. Clean the pump basket and the skimmer as often as your ‘debris level’ requires. Run the pump for about 4-8 hours per day, depending on the size of your pool. If you watch the water level, even if you have an auto fill device, you’ll know immediately if the device isn’t functioning correctly.

Run your pool cleaner and sweep or vacuum your pool at least once per month. This will keep the pool clean and also give you a chance to look things over.

Chemical dues

Continue to test your pool at least once a month during the winter. You’d be surprised the number of pool owners who neglect this important step, only to discover the bacteria and algae got ahead of them in the early spring. A good, long lasting algaecide can also be helpful, especially if we have a warm winter or if you have a heater. Some people add an enzyme to the water to break down the non-living organic components, which can save the hassle of having a ring form around the pool at the waterline.

The end of the season is also a good time to remove any old chemicals and replace damaged equipment.

To cover or not to cover?

Everyone has their own idea about whether or not to cover their pool. There are pros and cons to covering it, as well as a wide variety of cover types.

If you do decide to cover it, use a well fitting-cover, and an air pillow to prevent debris from sinking to the middle of the cover. Finally, be sure to check the surface of the pool now and then even if you have it covered.If you have a heater, you may not wish to cover your pool.

Professional services

Some pool owners use a pool service in the winter months because having a pro at their disposal means they don’t have to maintain it themselves during the months they aren’t using it. A pool service offers access to maintenance expertise, a repair professional and state-of-the-art industry upgrades at a relatively inexpensive price compared to other home services. It makes sense for individuals who are busy, travel frequently, or want a clean pool without the hassle.

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