Phoenix Pool Repair Experts


Your pool and spa represent an investment, not only in your home, but in your relaxation and peace of mind. When a pool or spa needs repair, it can detract from the serenity and enjoyment of the backyard.

We offer free estimates for all pool and spa repairs in the Phoenix area. Offering options and reasonable repair rates is the cornerstone of the repair portion of our business. We want your pool or spa to be a good working order so you can relax and enjoy them again!


Magic Matt’s Pool Service is a comprehensive pool repair service company. We repair all makes and models of pool equipment and pool equipment accessories, including pumps, motors, heaters, and more. Additionally, we repair salt water generators. Whether your pool issue is big or small. We have the expertise, equipment and knowledge to fix your problem fast. We only use top quality parts which are backed by a warranty.



Your pool pump is the heart of your pool system. Like a heart, it keeps the water in your pool circulating and clean. When the pool pump or motor break down, the entire pool can suffer, and the problems will mount quickly from there. Any unusual sounds, leaking or failure is an indication that your pool pump or motor needs to be repaired. 


In addition to being tremendously destructive to the pool, a pool leak can cost a homeowner a small fortune on their water bill, and could possibly damage their own or a neighbor’s property. Repairing a leak in a timely manner will minimize any of those problems, so quick response is the order of the day. Our goal: to save your pool.


If you have a pool heater, you know that it needs to be maintained periodically. When it breaks, let us help! We service all pool heaters, regardless of the make or model. No one likes a cold pool! Let us help you get your heater working again.


People who own salt systems love them! The salt turns to chlorine and makes the pool water clean and soft. If your salt system isn’t working, give us a call. We’ll get your salt system back up to snuff so your pool can stay clean. 


From green pools to skimmer malfunctions, Magic Matt’s repairs anything that has an association with your pool. So, whether you have poor water quality, pool controller issues, a bad automatic pool chlorinator or pool light failure, we are prepared and equipped to deal with the issue.